future Projects

Generation AI

Generation ai (Sci-Fi)

A struggling university professor and former criminal mastermind must partner with Jana, a mysterious stranger with incredible inner strength to stop the deadly rule of the AI that threatens our most cherished right - our freedom.

Joe Likes Mary

jOE LIKEs mARY (Drama/Romance)

A story of the power of young love.  Joe, questioning his desire to become a priest, takes a break from seminary and volunteers at a nursing home run by nuns, where he meets and falls in love with Mary, a very pregnant, 18 year-old girl who refuses to reveal the father's identity of her unborn child.


lITE (Drama/Dark Comedy)

Grace Santiago, a young assertive advertising agent, must come up with a campaign to save a century-old beer company from the brink of bankruptcy. She develops an idea of brilliant biblical proportions by naming their next lite beer with an unforgettable and controversial name - Jesus Lite.


2-CLOSE (Drama)

A sixteen-year old Mary unknowingly falls in love with Gina, the mother who abandoned her as an infant.  As their unhealthy too-close, too-tender, too-secretive relationship deepens, Gina tries to tell Mary the truth but fails time and time again, until it is nearly too late for both.

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