Thin Ice

“THIN ICE” explores the power of time travel – and what can happen when that power lands in the wrong hands.  In a classic struggle of good against evil, 19th century hero, Joshua Cain, labors to stop his former friend, Gordon Gates, from manipulating time to achieve his personal world domination.  Forced to grapple with the effects of time travel, Joshua teams up in the present with Jess Reed, a TV news journalist.  Gordon is determined to become the next president of the United States – and he is not stopping there.  On his path of destruction and domination, Gordon becomes a student of one of the most terrifying world leaders in history.

“THIN ICE” poses the difficult question of “what if?”  What if you would have made different choices in your life?  What if you could go back and change things?  Even just one thing?  Would the change be for the good or detriment of humanity?