Not A Word Was Spoken

“NOT A WORD WAS SPOKEN”  It is three weeks before Christmas, but to ALBERT, a man in his late 60’s, it already feels like a long winter, and he is feeling the effects.  ALBERT’S only friend is his parrot, CRACKER.  Albert has been coined as the town’s grumpiest old man, and since his wife died nearly two years ago, grumpy describes Albert pretty well.  Albert is tormented by a gang of three neighborhood kids.  But when a homemade card, with a very special message, lost in the mail for 40 years is finally delivered to Albert, the little town of North Hallow is going to see what a few kind words can do to one grumpy old man.

“NOT A WORD WAS SPOKEN” pretty much says it all.  This heartwarming story is told entirely without any spoken word—except for Albert’s pet parrot CRACKER.